LDNRx Consultants

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About this course


  • Our primary means of communication is Slack.
  • As a pharmacy you will be assigned a channel named with this notation -> 0p-your-pharmacy-name
  • This channel is the way we are configured to help you best, so if you want answers use this channel.
  • Slack also stands as your means to communicate with fellow pharmacists. Look back in time for answers to today’s questions and ask anew to see what everyone is doing.

Biweekly Zoom Meetings

  • The best way to stay up to date with what we are offering and how we can best help you is to join in live to our biweekly zoom meetings. 
  • We advertise these meetings in the zoom-calls and we email them out as well. If you are not receiving the email for this call, please contact us in your pharmacy Slack channel

Action Plan

  • The action plan is our strategy for you to achieve the most streamlined success.
  • The number one contributing factor to a lack in sales increase has always been a lack of following the action plan.
  • ​In this way consistency is key.

Know Your Materials


  • This item is the original method of showing physicians and patients that LDN means business
  • Use this marketing piece to let them know that you know what you are talking about and use it often.
  • ​It makes the perfect follow or lead up to your webinars and is crucial for staying top of mind for your patients and physicians
  • You should never run out of binders and hand them out like hot cakes!


  • These folders are used as the mail out folders for physicians.
  • They include pertinent resources by specialty and an advertisement for your upcoming zoom webinar that you want them to attend!


  • That brings us to physician lists. We generate lists of physicians in your area by specialty. These are crucial in holding seminars and webinars. Let our team know 1 month ahead of when you want to hold your first seminar or webinar and we will send out the blue physician folders to physicians in your area to market for your upcoming meeting.


  • ​This book handles many questions regarding LDN and carries even more gravitas in showing how LDN is trending. Research is coming out and books are being written over the many uses of LDN. Set this book out for sale whether you are holding a meeting or out in your pharmacy.
  • One of the hardest hurdles for many of our members is underestimating the power of marketing materials. While you may opt to create or use your own materials, you should never be stringent with these. We recommend that all pharmacies hand out binders

Staying Top of Mind

  • Top of mind awareness is key in LDN sales. There is so much research being released and so much LDN can do that you should never be without something to send to your patients and physicians. 
  • This keeps you on their mind so that they refer you to other patients and other physicians. Not convinced that this strategy works? Read this fantastic book by one of our owners

Mail Outs

  • When we refer to mail outs, we are referring to the combination of physician lists and blue folders to plan for your upcoming Zoom webinar
  • We recommend creating a webpage on your website that can hold a date for your upcoming webinars and to let users register for the event

Facebook Ads

  • Facebook ads can be created at any time for any area no matter how many followers you have to get the word out about your pharmacy and LDN. We recommend that you turn this switch on and keep it on for as long as you are holding patient seminars, which should be at least every month.