Our Story

LDNRx Consultants is a company...

...formed to provide pharmacists with the tools to educate others about the potential clinical applications of LDN (low dose naltrexone).

Our mission is to build a network of compounding pharmacies that are able to share consistent information about various dosing protocols for the multiple conditions in which LDN is prescribed.

We strive to educate the LDNRx network our pharmacists through webinars, research material and literature regarding specific disease states as well through practitioner and patient feedback regarding clinical outcomes.

The LDNRx network pharmacies can then properly educate their practitioners and patients on the potential therapeutic usages of LDN. With a network of LDNRx-connected pharmacies, we hope to create consistency with dosing protocols as well as ensure access to the highest quality of compounded LDN. By spreading this knowledge, we also hope to make this therapy more understood and accessible to patients, thus enhancing the quality of their lives.

LDNrx Consultants also believe that we must form strategic partnerships with companies raising funds to promote clinical trials necessary to advance the knowledge of the many applications of LDN, such as the LDN Research Trust. We believe that through the publication of these clinical trials, many more prescribers will become aware of LDN’s potential benefits for patients.

LDN Rx Consultants: providing education, consistent dosing protocols, and patient access to the highest quality compounded medication.