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The LDNRx Network is a nationwide network of compounding pharmacies founded by former PCCA President John Herr, RPh, to help compounders excel in achieving rapid and sustainable growth of their LDN sales.

The key to success is focusing on education - of both patients and providers, inclusive of clinical indication specific dosing protocols and the latest LDN research to greatly enhance therapeutic success for the patient.

By joining our network, you’ll have access to a comprehensive platform of unique educational materials, customized to your pharmacy. We’ll teach you how to duplicate the success our members have enjoyed across the country.

Through experience with thousands of patients we have learned that success with LDN is unlike other medications---it requires much more than just manufacturing, it requires a comprehensive understanding of the sophistication of dosing required to achieve success as well as the ability to educate both providers and patients regarding this need.


  • Only 20% of success with LDN is the actual manufacturing
  • 40% of success is the educational materials
  • 40% is clinical follow-up

Most pharmacies that compound LDN mistakenly focus only on manufacture, with no plan in place for the critical aspects of education and clinical follow-up that form the majority of success in LDN sales. 


This graph shows a comparison of monthly LDN sales performance numbers from two nearly identical LDNRx clients (size/initial sales), August, 2019 - March, 2020.

Client A followed the LDNRx educational platform as directed and achieved over a 300% increase in sales over the past six months.

Client B continued with their traditional marketing program, experiencing no net gain for the same period.


Compounders hold the key, they have the only viable platform to make this change—not the pharmaceutical industry, not individual researchers or clinicians.

The KEY is EDUCATION to summarize the massive amount of research and clinical experience over thousands of patients and create a one of a kind educational platform uniting compounders from across the United States to share best medical practices and share knowledge of how to grow their individual LDN businesses.

That is why we formed LDNRx consultants to help thousands of patients achieve success in experiencing the extraordinary potential LDN presents, while helping individual compounding pharmacy owners capitalize on the equally extraordinary opportunity for success LDN has already proven itself to be.


We provide LDN consulting to pharmacies across the country. Request information here to discover more!

Article Database

We strive to provide the best research and education regarding LDN. Check out our article database below to see downloadable pdfs and PowerPoints searchable by title, category, condition, author, and date. 

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Our Mission


Low Dose Naltrexone represents a brand new frontier in thought processes to solve a very old problem. The majority of today’s medications are created and prescribed to treat a symptom; LDN focuses on the cause. Physicians and pharmacists are not traditionally trained in how to administer a drug like LDN. The beauty in titration dosing with low doses of this medication is that you are truly searching for a key to unlock your body’s inner power. The key can be any size to get the perfect effect. That effect changes lives.

We are seeing tens of thousands of patients seeing relief with successes reaching the upper 80th percentile. The research on what LDN is currently booming and it is our job to get the message out to the world. It is our mission to bridge the gap between LDN research, physicians, pharmacists, and finally the patients in need.

David Yeazel

LDNRx Consultants